BondMason & The Women in Finance Charter

Our commitment to gender diversity

Facilitating the advancement of women in the finance sector

On July 11th, BondMason signed up to the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. By committing to the charter we have pledged to undertake four actions to address gender diversity in our organisation, by supporting our female employees to advance in their career and into leadership roles.

The charter now covers 760,000 finance sector employees based in the UK, from a total of 272 signatories. As part of the charter, we have agreed to: having a member of our senior managment team responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion; setting targets for gender diversity in our senior management team; publishing annually our yearly progress on these objectives; and intending to ensure the pay of the senior management team is linked to the delivery of these targets.

Why the Women in Finance Charter is important to BondMason

BondMason CEO, Stephen Findlay explains.

"At BondMason, our culture has been created on our ethos of ‘working to live’.  Our family friendly approach means we’re proud to provide flexible working hours for all our employees, so they can work around family commitments. We are also fully supportive of providing our team with the chance to progress their careers with BondMason, and beyond."

“We have always been dedicated to diversity as part of our culture, and we are really pleased our commitment to supporting women in this male dominated sector is now formally recognised." 

BondMason's Gender Diversity Targets & Commitments
Senior Management Team

50% of our senior management team are female. Our target is to ensure that this doesn’t fall below 30% at any time.

Flexible Working

80% of our female employees work part time, and 75% of our female part time workers are in a managerial position or above

Professional Development

All of the team are supported in their Professional Development and 25% of our employees are currently undertaking a professional qualification.

Meet the team

The BondMason team has over 50 years of investment experience and 50 years of tech experience