Why BondMason

A great combination of Investment Expertise and First Class Technology

Proven Performance
BondMason Clients have achieved an average net return of 6% p.a. every year since 2015

Consistent returns

BondMason provides a unique way to target risk-adjusted returns, with low volatility, achieving an average net return of 6% p.a.


Using the auto-bid tool, easily allocate capital across a broad selection of loans and lenders, in just a few clicks.

Downside protection

The majority of underlying loans are property-backed or asset-backed, helping to protect returns by minimising downside exposure in the event of a default.

Access to your funds

Your circumstances may change, so it's good to know that you are typically able to liquidate your investment and withdraw funds in 1-2 days.

Investor focused
We care about our clients and want you to make a good return on your money

Peace of mind

We work hard every day to enable your money to work hard for you, so you can benefit from attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

At your finger tips

Monitor your investment performance from your online dashboard. Update your preferences, redeploy funds or withdraw your money, quickly and easily.

No tie-in with good liquidity

With no tie-in, you can withdraw your funds when you choose. We aim to fully liquidate funds within 48 hours*.


Take the guess work away

This invaluable introduction to Direct Lending and P2P Lending is free to download and equips you with all the information you need to get your investments up and running successfully

Code of Ethics

We understand the importance of acting as a careful custodian of our clients' money - your money. We operate with a strict Code of Ethics when conducting our business activities, to ensure our clients' best interests are met.

We put our clients' interests first

In the event of a potential conflict of interests, our clients' interests will take priority over our own.

A cautious approach to investing

We don't approve usurious loans or lenders. All underlying lenders and loans are reviewed and filtered by the investment team.

We adopt best practices

Our legal framework was developed by a member of the P2P Finance Association. We work with the FCA to improve operating and regulatory practices.

We have an open door policy

Requests can be emailed to invest@bondmason or you can call the team on 01582 802 000. We aim to respond within 24-48 hours.

We aim to protect client money from risk

Client money is held in a segregated account with Barclays Bank which are clearly segregated from those used to provide BondMason working capital.

Professional at all times, acting with complete integrity

We aim to be professional, fair and transparent. All complaints are shared with the CEO immediately, and we aim to resolve all matters promptly.

On Your Side

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