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Why invest in UK property?
Investing in property as part of a balanced investment portfolio can have several benefits:

UK property values have remained resilient during periods of short-term negative performance in the FTSE 100, demonstrating defensive characteristics

Property values can act as a hedge against inflation. Increased inflation, tends to result in higher house prices, although house prices can also increase during periods of low interest rates.

Property can have intrinsic value arising from its necessity – although care must be taken to consider supply and demand balances at the local level  

Property, and its performance as an investment, should be assessed in the context of other options available, based on your financial objectives, risk profile and capacity for loss.

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Is property a good investment?

The UK political and economic climate is expected to remain uncertain over the course of the next couple of years, but there is an established case that the property market can preserve wealth over the medium to long term. 

The UK property market has withstood a continuing volatility in the financial and economic markets over recent years, evidence of its resilience as an asset class.

House prices and real estate transactions have slowed in London and the South-East have slowed recently; however average prices remain on the rise across the country, propelled by regional markets.

A geographically diversified portfolio of property investments can provide a balanced level of performance; in the same way your overall investment portfolio should be diversified.

Steps to successful investing in property-backed lending
Helping you make informed decisions about how to get the best out of your property-backed direct lending portfolio.

This is essential reading for anyone looking where to invest money and navigate the complexities of the property-backed direct lending market to achieve:

  • Returns with lower volatility
  • Downside protection from secured lending
  • Diversified portfolio across different lenders and loan types
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