Target a return of 8%+ p.a.

Access to hand-selected loans from approved peer-to-peer investment platforms

Meticulous peer-to-peer investment selection and broad diversification help optimise returns and manage risks

Lending opportunities from approved P2P investment platforms

BondMason enables clients to target a return of 8.0% + p.a.1 from carefully selected loans and approved platforms in the peer-to-peer investment market.

What makes BondMason stand out from the crowd?

  • We focus exclusively on investors, not borrowers
  • We vet all loans individually
  • We only work with, and approve, a select number of peer-to-peer investment platforms that have passed our detailed due diligence
  • Our clients are able to access returns from across the best performing options in the whole market – not just one peer-to-peer investment platform
  • We invest our own money into every loan
  • We have a highly-experienced team managing all our loan investments with a combined investment experience of over 50 years.
  • We have a bias towards loans secured against an asset such as peer-to-peer property lending and peer-to-peer business lending

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Why clients choose BondMason

Investor focused and well aligned

BondMason is exclusively for investors, not borrowers. Our own money is invested into every loan before the loan is made available to our clients.

Selection and diversification

We only approve select P2P investment platforms that pass our detailed due diligence and vet all loans individually. Clients’ funds are spread across a wide number of opportunities to diversify risk.

Loan security

We focus on asset-backed loans such as peer-to-peer business lending and peer-to-peer property lending. This helps to protect returns by minimising any downside loss to your capital in the event of default.


Our clients target a return of 8.0%+ p.a. and have achieved an average gross return in excess of 8.0%p.a.1 since April 2015.


Clients can open an account with £5,000+


You can create an account in as little as two minutes. Your personalised dashboard is updated daily and you can track and manage your money at any time. There is no tie-in period.


We are a specialist team with a combined investment experience of over 50 years. We operate alongside a strict code of ethical conduct, putting our clients’ financial security at the centre of everything that we do.

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