Two investment services. One asset class: UK residential property.

BondMason BRIX • BondMason Core

BondMason BRIX: track the investment performance of UK corporate landlords.

BondMason Core: access returns from a portfolio of property-backed loans.2

BondMason BRIX: the benchmark for UK buy-to-let investing

BondMason has created a new service to monitor Britain’s private landlords and investors, and track the investment performance of residential property.

The BondMason BRIX benchmark will be updated monthly, recording the financial performance of listed corporate landlords in the UK, enabling private landlords to assess their own buy-to-let portfolios. 

Latest information is available here: 

BondMason's CEO, Stephen Findlay, explains:

“Historically the UK rental market has been dominated by private landlords, but that is now changing following the increased tax burden and new regulations which make it harder to generate a positive income each year.  “

“The good news is that individuals can now access investment returns from the buy-to-let market by investing in listed corporate landlords, with the added benefit of being able to do so within a tax efficient wrapper such as an ISA or SIPP.” 

The BondMason BRIX benchmark tracks the performance of these listed corporate landlords. It is not an investable benchmark.


Consistent returns

BondMason provides a unique way to target risk-adjusted returns, with low volatility, achieving an average net return of 6% p.a.


Using the auto-bid tool, easily allocate capital across a broad selection of loans and lenders, in just a few clicks.

Downside protection

The majority of underlying loans are property-backed or asset-backed, helping to protect returns by minimising downside exposure in the event of a default.

Access to your funds

Your circumstances may change, so it's good to know that you are typically able to liquidate your investment and withdraw funds in 1-2 days.

Investing in loans secured against property provides the potential to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns with lower volatility.  In fact, BondMason Clients have achieved an average net return of 6% p.a. every year since 2015. 

Clients can add BondMason Core to their SIPP and SSAS pension plans in a fully compliant way.  We also have several clients who have a company account,  investing their surplus business cash with BondMason. 

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