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Since its inception in 2005, the UK’s P2P lending market has grown significantly. In 2016 there were 80+ Direct Lending platforms facilitating £3.2bn of lending, across many different types of borrowers from buy-to-let mortgages, property developers, SMEs, and consumers.

With unparalleled access to the market, the team at BondMason have produced an overview of the key insights into the trends and movements taking place within the Direct Lending industry. Here’s a snapshot;

  • The UK Direct Lending market is big and growing with plenty of room for growth
  • The big four platforms dominate but there are an increasing number of other operators
  • Regulation is improving but shouldn’t be relied upon to protect lenders’ returns
  • Attractive returns compared to other investment opportunities
  • Managing risk is key through choosing the right platforms, level of diversification, borrower, and loan selection
  • Services such as autobid and listed funds are increasingly popular for investors
  • The flight to quality will lead to a few platforms disclosing significant defaults in 2017 who may exit or scale back operations significantly
  • Why Direct Lending is likely to form a key component of any investor’s portfolio

Who is the market trends report for?

This report is for everyone with an interest in the P2P lending and direct lending market, from those with a casual interest and may be considering lending for the first time, through to credit professionals, platform operators and institutions looking for a market-wide view.

CPD certification for CISI members

Direct Lending in the UK constitutes 2 hours of structured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Members of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

To receive CPD certification, download your copy of Direct Lending in the UK. Once you have read the report, please email your details to invest@bondmason.com with the subject header: CPD certification: Direct Lending UK. We will then email you with your CPD Certification which you can use as evidence of your CISI continuing professional development. 


What’s in the report?

The report explores the opportunities and challenges within the industry, along with the factors affecting the evolution of this market into a mainstream asset class. The insights within the report are drawn from data, observations and experience and are divided into three sections;

Market Overview

  • Factors which contributed to another record year in 2016.

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Investors Perspective

  • The attraction of direct lending at a time when investment and wealth preservation is as hard as ever.
  • Why P2P lending is proving to be an attractive option relative to other asset classes, including good returns, uncorrelated, and relative liquidity.
  • Understanding the choices.

Platforms’ Perspective

  • The challenge of sourcing borrowers and managing lending.
  • The impact of flight to quality trend and increased competition.
  • The collaboration between traditional lenders and direct lending.


A user’s guide

There is an easy-to-follow narrative running through the report supported by further explanation and/or data on the pages immediately following each statement. We invite the reader to skim through, pausing in areas that may be of particular interest.

To download your copy of Direct Lending in the UK, simply complete your details on the form provided.

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Bond Mason is the UK's number one direct lending platform exclusively for investors, sourcing and filtering the very best lending opportunities from across the entire UK direct lending and P2P market.

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