Two investment services. One asset class: UK residential property.

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Investing in loans secured against property provides the potential to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns with lower volatility.  In fact, BondMason Clients have achieved an average net return of 6% p.a. every year since 2015. 

Clients can add BondMason Core to their SIPP and SSAS pension plans in a fully compliant way.  We also have several clients who have a company account,  investing their surplus business cash with BondMason. 


Consistent returns

BondMason provides a unique way to target risk-adjusted returns, with low volatility, achieving an average net return of 6% p.a.


Using the auto-bid tool, easily allocate capital across a broad selection of loans and lenders, in just a few clicks.

Downside protection

The majority of underlying loans are property-backed or asset-backed, helping to protect returns by minimising downside exposure in the event of a default.

Access to your funds

Your circumstances may change, so it's good to know that you are typically able to liquidate your investment and withdraw funds in 1-2 days.


Set up by a specialist provider or administrator, a SIPP offers flexibility and broad investment choice which enables investors to take control of their pension plan.

Anyone can take out a SIPP providing they meet the provider’s eligibility requirements. These are usually based on a minimum fund size because of the higher costs involved in running a SIPP.

Your SIPP Administrator is tasked with carrying out detailed due diligence on all of the investments it allows within the SIPP and ensures compliance with HMRC regulations. 

BondMason can work with your SIPP Administrator to enable you to add BondMason Core to your SIPP in a fully compliant manner.

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A SSAS is a small occupational pension scheme, normally set up by the directors of a business that want more control over the investment decisions relating to their pensions.

If you’re a business owner, you can access money from your SSAS in a variety of ways to grow your business, often more competitively than other sources of finance.

With a SSAS, the trustees are obliged to conduct due diligence on the chosen investments within the pension scheme. 

BondMason can work with your SSAS trustees to enable you to add BondMason Core to your SSAS portfolio.

Investing surplus cash can significantly increase the overall wealth of your business.

When your business cash is sitting on the sidelines, you are not making the most of your investment opportunities. 

Imagine if you could generate a modest return that could buy you an extra 1-2 months runway. Or like several of our clients, reduce your tax bill. 

Depending on how much you have to invest, the return you make over 12 months could enable you to take some time off. 

£100k invested with returns of 6% p.a could equate to £6,000 in 12 months.  That equates to 12 days extra holiday a year (at £500/day).

3-year Track Record

Since 2015, our clients have achieved net returns of 6% p.a1, investing over £53M across 6,000 curated loan investments2, with the majority of underlying loans backed by UK property. 


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In safe hands

BondMason enables investors to access attractive returns from property-backed lending2. Our exclusive relationships with specialist property lending partners, enables clients to gain exposure to better quality, well priced opportunities, which may not otherwise be available to investors direct.  Since 2015, we've reviewed 150 Direct Lending providers and platforms, conducting rigorous due diligence to select 33 approved lending partners.


Each client is able to create their own loan investment2 portfolio, diversified across 100+ loan positions.  Spreading investment across different underlying partners and loan types, with a focus on lending secured against property, can help to manage risk and target investment returns.

Managing risk

Every day, the Investment Team analyse and assess available underlying loan opportunities from our lending partners, seeking good quality, well-priced loans with a conservative loan-to-value ratio for clients to purchase Receivable Agreements against. This means clients have a good buffer between what they invest and the value of the underlying asset which has been secured. BondMason will never compromise on quality of investments available on its platform, and as such, only 1 in 4 underlying loan opportunities are approved.

Access to your funds

If your circumstances may change, you can typically access your funds within 1 to 2 days by selling your Receivables Agreements.  A note of caution: The average remaining term of the underlying property loans is 9 months, so if everyone wanted their funds back on the same day, that's how long it may take to receive your funds. Under normal circumstances you can access your money much faster.

Fees range from 1.0% p.a - 1.5% p.a based on your invested capital.

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Invest some of your SIPP or SSAS funds into BondMason

Investing some of your pension into BondMason sourced investments could enable you to target a net return of 6% p.a from a diverse set of approved direct lending opportunities.  Investing through a SIPP or SSAS could allow you to receive your returns tax free.