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Two great choices to complement your investment portfolio, accessing returns from loans secured against UK property.




BondMason Core
Diversified portfolio of loan investments.

Target gross returns of up to 8% p.a.¹

3-year track record • Invest today • Good liquidity

Start from £5,000. Capital at risk. Fees 1.0%-1.5% p.a.

See our terms and conditions.


Chiltern Bonds
Fixed-term bonds: 1-year and 3-year.

Target returns of up to 3.85% p.a.

ISA eligible • Equity cushion • Fee free

Start from £1,000. Capital at risk. Fees only apply for ISA investors.

See our terms and conditions.


BondMason Core

Since 2015, our clients have achieved average gross returns of 8% p.a1, investing over £40M across 6,000 curated loan investments, through an innovative receivables investment model.

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The go-to experts

We established BondMason in 2015 to enable investors to access attractive returns from Direct Lending and P2P Lending. Since then we've reviewed 150 Direct Lending providers and P2P platforms - conducting rigorous due diligence to select our 33 approved lending partners.

Exclusive opportunities​

Our clients are able to access returns from exclusive relationships we've developed with specialist property lending partners. This enables investors to gain exposure to better quality, well priced opportunities, which may not otherwise be available to investors direct.

Managing risk

Achieving attractive returns from lending is about minimising the downside risks. We filter underlying loan opportunities and make it easy for clients to build a well-diversified portfolio to improve the quality of returns they can achieve from Direct Lending.

Early access to funds

We know your circumstances may change.  With BondMason Core it is good to know that you are typically able to liquidate your investment and withdraw funds in 1-2 days.

The average remaining term of the underlying property loans is 9 months, so if everyone wanted their funds back on the same day, that's how long it may take to receive your funds. On all normal circumstances you can access your money much faster.

Fees range from 1.0% p.a - 1.5% p.a based on your invested capital.

Chiltern Bonds

The Absolute Return Bonds from Chiltern BondCo, enable investors to target inflation-beating returns from property-backed lending, available through an ISA.

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Why choose bonds

The Absolute Return Bonds are designed to fill the gap between low risk traditional savings accounts and more risky stocks and shares.

Property-backed lending

Proceeds raised from the Bond issue will be used to create a Lending Portfolio, benefiting from security against residential and commercial property in the UK.

ISA eligible

The Absolute Return Bonds are ISA eligible, so returns can be free from tax if invested through an ISA. Returns are not guaranteed and your capital is at risk.

The Absolute Return Bonds I & II were issued on 1 October 2018.  You may still apply for the bonds but your investment will begin only when funds are received and used to purchase bonds. The amount of interest received will be calculated from the time of purchase to maturity.

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Investment Return Calculator
Try our simple interest calculator to see how much your money could potentially earn

Seeking out attractive returns in the current economic environment is a challenge. Inflation and low interest rates are having a significant impact on the real value of wealth.

As more investors use Direct Lending to target a better return on their cash, why not try our simple investment calculator so see how much you could potentially earn.

Our SIPP and SSAS Service

You could boost your pension with a SIPP or a SSAS self-invested pension scheme. 

The BondMason SIPP and SSAS Service enables you to target returns of up to 8% p.a form a diverse set of approved direct lending opportunities, allowing you to receive your returns tax free.