When you deploy capital through BondMason, you are purchasing specific cash receipts (Receivable Purchase Agreements) arising from P2P loans and direct loans from approved lenders.


It's as easy as 1-2-3


1 Start   It all starts when you open your BondMason account and choose to purchase receivables across the BondMason platform. You can open an account in just a few minutes, and start to target a gross return of 8.0% p.a.

2 Deploy   You set your deployment parameters, wire funds and relax (using our autobid function) or stay on top of your individual selections - keeping you in control of your funds on a day to day basis. It can take an average of 4 weeks for your funds to be fully deployed. As your return comes in you can choose to auto-redeploy funds or withdraw funds as suits you. With no tie-in period you can choose how and when to access your money.3

3 Manage  You are able to purchase receivables in accordance with your preferences, and these are all set out on your own account dashboard - updated daily. BondMason facilities the sale and purchase of receivables which relate to loans taken out by UK based companies, and often have security over an asset (e.g. property). You can see a detailed breakdown of these underlying loans on the statistics page.


Good to know

Clients have achieved an average gross return in excess of 8.0% p.a., and when withdrawing funds, clients they have been able to fully liquidate their holdings within 48 hours in all cases to date.1

BondMason works with a select number of lending partners and P2P platforms that pass careful due diligence. BondMason has reviewed over 150 lending partners (including 75+ P2P Platforms) in the UK offering a range of investment opportunities. Lending partners are reviewed by the experienced team, led by Graham Martin, Stephen Findlay and James Wallis, who have a combined investment experience of over 50 years and have invested in excess of £2.0 billion.


The legal structure

From approved platforms and lending partners, BondMason Client Ltd invests its own money into selected loans, before making available corresponding Receivable(s) (cash receipts) for purchase across BondMason.com 

BondMason.com is operated by BondMason Ltd and its sole activity is to facilitate the sale and purchase of Receivable Purchase Agreements amongst clients of BondMason Ltd.  Only Receivables that relate to the cash receipts from underying loans sourced from approved lending partners are availble for purchase on the BondMason.com platform. 

Neither BondMason Ltd or BondMason Client Ltd manage the underlying loans, this is done by the lending partners.


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