How to apply for The Absolute Return Bonds

(Non ISA)
What to expect when you open an account
Your step-by-step guide to getting started

Earn 3.5% p.a. | Inflation-beating targeted returns | Minimum investment £1,000

Capital At Risk

Open your account with BondMason

To invest in one of The Absolute Return Bonds you will first need to open an account with BondMason. Complete all steps of the BondMason online sign-up form (have either your passport no. or driving licence no. to hand). 



Here you can read the Financial Promotion, Information Memorandum, and Terms & Conditions




Identity Verification Checks

We conduct our identity verification checks - this can take 1-3 business days. You will receive email confirmation when these checks have been completed.

Select The Absolute Return Bond

Log in to the BondMason Dashboard and select The Absolute Return Bond I Ltd ( 1 year at 3.35% p.a.) or The Absolute Return Bond II Ltd (3 years at 3.85% p.a.). 

You may wish to seek professional advice.

Apply (non ISA)

Complete the application; confirm your Investor Status and select your investment preferences.

Add Funds

Click on 'Add Funds'. Here you will find instructions on how to transfer your opening investment. We will send you email confirmation once your funds have been received.

Minimum investment £1,000

The Absolute Return Bond Investment Certification

When the bond issue closes your Investment Certification will be available directly from your Dashboard. 

Your Dashboard

You will be able to view a summary your investment, add funds, apply for further bond issues and download The Absolute Return Bond Investment Certification from your dashboard.

Six monthly interest payment option

If you opted to receive interim interest payments, this will be paid into your nominated bank account every 6 months until maturity.

The Absolute Return Bond issue reaches Maturity

If you selected 'auto-renew' your investment will roll into the next Bond Issuance - subject to re-confirmation of the Investor Status Declaration. Alternatively, if you opted out of auto-renew, your investment and interest payments will be paid into your nominated bank account.

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