The BondMason Library

A selection of guides to help you make informed decisions about investing.

Whether you're new to direct lending or you're looking for some hints and tips to successful investing in this asset class, our guides help you make informed decisions.

A guide to investing your company's surplus cash

If you’re a business owner of a small limited company, or self-employed, the chances are you don’t have time or resources to employ a Financial Director. If you want to put your idle cash to work, this guide gives an overview of how you can improve the overall wealth of your business, by investing your company’s surplus cash, including:

  • Commercial property
  • Buy-to-let
  • Company pension contributions
  • Bonds
  • Lending against property
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A guide to starting your retirement plan

With one in seven British adults retiring in 2018 without a pension, taking control of how to fund life after retirement is something we all need to do.  This guide aims to provide you with a starting point to start your retirement savings plan and looks at:

  • How much do you need to save?
  • How big does your pension pot need to be?
  • Tax relief
  • Retirement investment ideas including ISAs and pension plans
  • SIPP and SSAS plans
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A guide to how you could shield your cash from inflation
Since the financial crisis, cash has returned 1% or less a year, consistently below the prevailing level of inflation, so cash savings are actually going backwards in terms of purchasing power.

This guide is essential reading for savers and investors who are considering where to invest money and want to shield their cash from the effects of inflation, with an overview of;

  • What you can do to protect your cash savings
  • Savings and investment options to meet your financial goals
  • How to find the right balance of cash, savings and investments
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Peer to Peer Lending Guide
Find out more about Direct Lending and Peer to Peer Lending as an alternative asset class

Your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about getting started with Direct Lending and Peer to Peer Lending.

  • What is Peer to Peer Lending ?
  • How does the P2P Lending process work?
  • What can I do to minimise my risk and maximise my return?
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Steps to successful investing in property-backed lending
Helping you make informed decisions about how to get the best out of your property-backed direct lending portfolio.

This is essential reading for anyone looking where to invest money and navigate the complexities of the property-backed direct lending market to achieve:

  • Returns with lower volatility
  • Downside protection from secured lending
  • Diversified portfolio across different lenders and loan types
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The BondMason Market Report

Recognised by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment and endorsed with CPD accreditation, the market report explores the evolution of direct lending, providing a market-wide view with insights into how to invest successfully into this mainstream pension-grade asset class.

BondMason - Marketing Report
A guide to SIPPs for Investors

There are many different ways to save for your retirement and contribute to your pension pot. One option which has grown in popularity is a Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP). In this guide we’ll look at:

  • What is a SIPP and how it compares to other types of pension
  • Who SIPPs are for and the tax benefits
  • Monitoring pension performance
  • Investments fit for SIPP
  • How to set up a SIPP
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A guide for SIPP Administrators

The guide looks into the six main issues which have been addressed to enable SIPP administrators to meet client demand for investing in direct lending, with full compliance and at minimal cost.

  • Connected parties and tax issues
  • Transparency: Where does the money go?
  • Low cost administration and control
  • Managing risk
  • Ease of due diligence
  • Non-standard liquidity
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The Difference between SIPP and SSAS

SIPP and SSAS are both types of self-invested pension schemes, allowing you to access returns from a wide range of asset classes, including direct lending. 

There are several key differences to take into account when considering if either a SIPP or a SSAS is the right option for you. This guide highlights the features of both types of pension plan. If you're unsure, seek professional financial advice.

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How to set up a SSAS in 10 steps

Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) are a specialised type of employer sponsored pension scheme that can offer increased flexibility on where the scheme’s assets can be invested. There are also advantages when it comes to tax planning. This guide helps you understand what's involved in setting up a SSAS.  Find out how to:

  • Define membership to a SSAS
  • Appoint Trustees and an Administrator
  • Follow the authorisation process
  • Manage a SSAS
  • Select appropriate investment choices
  • Find specialist support if required
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