Get, Set, Grow with a BondMason Core SIPP Account

What to expect when you open an account
Your step-by-step guide to getting started with a BondMason Core SIPP account

Targeting returns of up to 8% gross per annum, before fees of 1-1.5%

Capital At Risk

Choose your SIPP Administrator

We're happy to talk to your SIPP provider directly. If you haven't yet selected an Administrator we can introduce you to the providers we already work with. Simply call us on 01582 802 000

Open an account with BondMason

To get started with the BondMason SIPP service, you will first need to open an account with BondMason. Complete all steps of the online sign-up form (have either your passport or driving licence to hand). 

Identity Verification Checks

We conduct our identity verification checks - this can take 1-3 business days.

You will receive email confirmation when these have been completed. 

Select BondMason Core - SIPP Account

Once you have been AML approved you will be able to log in to your Dashboard. First click on the BondMason Core subscribe button then select 'Signing up as a SIPP Account'

You may wish to seek professional advice.

Complete the SIPP sign-up form

Complete the SIPP Account sign-up and click 'Submit'.

Please note you will not be able to complete the application until you have confirmed your SIPP Administrator.

Your SIPP Administrator will be in touch

As a SIPP Account your funds are wired directly by your SIPP Administrator. 

Your chosen provider will be in touch to confirm the next steps. 


We'll confirm receipt of funds

We will send you email confirmation once your SIPP Administrator has transferred your funds to BondMason. 

Your Dashboard

Once we have received your funds, you can view a summary of your account activity. Click on the View Dashboard button to view your investments, transaction history, and capital deployed.  

Capital Deployed

The average time for full deployment of your funds is approximately four weeks. 

We will send you a confirmation email when your funds are 100% invested.

Add Additional Funds

You can add additional funds and top up your account at any time, simply contact your SIPP Administrator. 

Make the most of BondMason SIPP

Sit back and let us do the legwork. View your investment period as a minimum of 12-18 months.  Be patient and let loans run their course.

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