Our client stories

Almost half of BondMason clients come to us following a recommendation from a friend or colleague. Here are a few of their stories.

Rob Dix
Rob Dix, from Property Geek has been a client since 2017

I've invested with BondMason since February 2017, and I'm in the process of moving the majority of my non-emergency-fund cash and other peer-to-peer investments over to them.

Imagine the hassle of operating accounts with 33 different platforms, and picking the best individual loan opportunities with each of those? It'd be virtually impossible.

The majority of the loans are secured against property, spread across the UK. Their average loan-to-value is currently a conservative 56%, and the loans are secured by a first charge against the property in 80% of loans. 


After their fees, you can expect a return of 6%. Which isn't at all bad for no effort whatsoever.

Former Financial Times journalist Andy Davis, is investing to provide a kick-start for his children

Andy worked at the Financial Times for 15 years and was first introduced to direct lending, back in in 2011. He says: “I like the alternative finance investment class, which is all about generating attractive returns through investing in niches that banks aren't interested in. The issue with a lot of platforms is you have pick the loans you invest in, and undertake the due diligence yourself, which I don’t feel qualified to do. I first heard about BondMason through two different contacts and met CEO Stephen Findlay to find out more. 

If, like me, you don't have the time to do a lot of background research then BondMason offers a good solution. I see them as the missing link in this whole market.  They make the process much easier as you are getting the benefit of their expertise, a nice broad spread of investments, and a very good return.  They have a good sound approach to managing the risk, and make sure your exposure is risk managed.

Andy Davis
tim daw
BondMason client Tim Daw invested and reduced his tax bill

Wiltshire farmer Tim Daw had extra cash after selling some land.  The sale generated a large tax bill that and Tim wanted somewhere to could keep his money for 18 months before the bill became payable.

Having researched his options, he split the cash from the land sale across several firms to diversify his risk.  He chose BondMason due the fact funds are diversified across many loans, adding an extra layer of security, as well as having the peace of mind of investing in asset-backed lending.



“Ultimately, I invested much of it through the BondMason platform and during the first 18 months that my funds were there, the returns I earned effectively reduced my tax bill by over 10%. I am now all settled up with HMRC and have continued to keep the business’s money with BondMason.  The BondMason approach is very suitable for a small business such as mine, particularly as the returns on bank deposit accounts, the main alternative, have been unexciting for such a long while.” 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No quibbles.


We are so confident that you will have a positive experience with BondMason, that if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied after your first 6 months with us, you can close your account and we will refund 100% of our fees to you.

Defaqto 5-star rated investment
Defaqto Star Ratings provide consumers with an expert benchmark so they can compare products in this evolving market

BondMason Core has been recognised as providing one of the highest quality offerings on the market, achieving the maximum Defaqto rating of 5 stars1.  Stephen Findlay was delighted, yet unsurprised with the announcement;

The team at BondMason is highly experienced and we bring this experience to bear on our processes and approach, for the benefit of our clients. We are delighted to announce that our diligent approach has been recognised by Defaqto, awarding BondMason its highest 5-star rating.”

Defaqto 5 star

It was simple to get started and so far the returns have been great.


What is great? - Very quick and easy to set up - Fabulous reporting…

Sebastian M

All round customer service has been excellent…very pleased with our experience with BondMason.

Mr Biddle

I have no reservations in using or recommending BondMason as a platform.


I have used many peer to peer lending sites over the last 5 years and this is the best by far, they manage my account for me only investing in carefully selected loans, they have diversified my account and after fees and currently no bad debt to date (6 months) I am still archiving 8.3% after fees.

Keith. H

Great interface and dashboard. Deployment of cash was seamless and so far the returns are excellent whilst offering good liquidity.


Would highly recommend Bondmason - very efficient, great interface and I rate highly their cautious approach to peer-to-peer investment.

Alexander. C