Steps to Successful Investing in Direct Lending

Helping you make informed decisions about how to get the best out of your direct lending portfolio.

The BondMason Steps to Successful Investing is essential reading for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the direct lending market to achieve

Attractive returns with lower volatility

Downside protection from secured lending

Liquidity with access to funds when you choose

Diversified portfolio across different lenders and loan types

The guide explains the following key steps


  • 1. Your objectives and risk profile
  • 2. Understanding the pitfalls
  • 3. The importance of diversification
  • 4. Choosing the right lending partners
  • 5. Selecting the best loan opportunities
  • 6. Re-invest or withdraw your returns
  • 7. Staying pro-active

Why are more investors choosing direct lending?

With interest rates at an all-time low and reasonable investment returns proving elusive, wealth preservation can be very challenging with.

  • Stock market volatility
  • Decreasing yields on "go-to" investment products
  • The threat of increasing inflation
  • Savings accounts offering negligible returns

Direct lending offers an attractive alternative, delivering stable returns generally around 6 to 8%+ p.a. For these reasons, it’s an increasingly popular option for investors looking to widen their investment choices and potentially achieve attractive risk adjusted returns with lower volatility.


How BondMason can help

Navigating the market

BondMason helps clients to navigate and benefit from the best opportunities across the direct lending market.

Partner and loan selection

Our experienced team scrutinises and assesses every partner and direct lending opportunity to identify well priced loans from the best performers, providing access to loan opportunities that may not be available to investors directly.


Clients have the ability to easily allocate capital across a broad selection of loans through the BondMason platform. Greater diversification generally results in lower volatility


We focus on asset-backed loans which helps to protect returns by minimising any downside loss to your capital in the event of default.

Investor focused

BondMason is exclusively for investors, not borrower. Aligned with our clients’ objectives and focused on their financial security.

Efficient deployment of capital

Set your deployment parameters, send funds and relax (using our auto-bid function) or stay on top of your portfolio through your dashboard, helping you stay in control of your funds on a day to day basis.

No tie-in

With no tie-in period you can choose how and when to access your money.

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