SIPP Service for Administrators

Enabling SIPP administrators to service client demand for Direct Lending. More profitably and with better compliance.

Our research with over 100 SIPP Administrators identified six key areas of concern with respect to SIPP investing within Direct Lending.  We have successfully addressed each one.

Connected parties & unintended tax consequences

SIPP and SSAS administrators can feel confident with our multifaceted approach to the connected parties issue. It is a genuinely diverse investment vehicle. Every client has a minimum of 50 positions, and no more than 2% exposure to any single underlying P2P loan. SIPP and SSAS clients can only use our auto-bid tool, which randomly allocates portions of curated loan opportunities. 

Transparency. Where does the money go?

BondMason has full visibility of the flow of funds as well as the quality of platforms, processes and structures we partner with. Our dedicated operations team has direct interaction with the client accounts and flow of funds with each lending partner on a daily basis. This provides SIPP and SSAS administrators with a single place to understand client lending investments and funds flow.

Low cost administration & control

Our tailor-made dashboard enables SIPP and SSAS administrators to quickly and easily monitor client activity, reducing complexity, time and cost. We take a collaborative approach with administrators to refine our systems and processes. Our core ethos is to really understand your needs and concerns so that we can build a truly excellent service for your administrative needs.

Managing lending risk

We take pride in our conservative and investor aligned approach within the direct lending market to enable attractive risk / reward returns.  We only work with lenders that have passed our due diligence process (33 / 100+ to date) and we only approve loans that pass our lending criteria, with the majority of opportunities being asset backed.

Ease of due diligence

Our extensive experience conducting due diligence on lending partners, and our alignment with investors, enables us to anticipate your needs for thorough due diligence. Our professional preparation will enable us to give you the answers most important to you in an efficient manner that optimses your time and costs when conducting due diligence.

Non standard liquidity

The BondMason model means that SIPP and SSAS clients typically have the opportunity to liquidate their positions when required. To date, we have been able to fully liquidate positions within 48 hours.  Liquidity is not guaranteed. Please see our terms for full details.

Download the SIPP Administrators Guide

The BondMason SIPP Service has been developed to enable SIPP Administrators take advantage of growing client demand for investing into Direct Lending. The guide looks into the six main issues which have been addressed to enable administrators to meet client demand with full compliance, with minimal cost.

Connected parties and tax issues
Transparency: Where does the money go?
Low cost administration and control
Managing risk
Ease of due diligence
Non-standard liquidity

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Benefits for SIPP Investors
  • Returns: Target gross returns of 8.0% p.a. – making a material difference to funding your retirement.
  • Diversified and asset-backed: Access opportunities sourced from multiple lending platforms, with a focus on asset-backed lending.
  • Fit-for-SIPP: Our innovative investment structure makes BondMason the go-to partner for leading SIPP administrators.
  • No additional fees: There aren't any additional fees, we only charge our standard rates on invested capital.
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