The BondMason SIPP Service

Tailor-made for SIPP Investors and SIPP Administrators. Enabling clients to target returns of 8.0% + p.a1 from a diverse set of approved P2P lending opportunities.

The BondMason SIPP Service is tailor-made for SIPP Investors and SIPP Administrators

Proven track record of enabling clients to target a gross return of 8.0%+ p.a.1

Providing access to returns from approved P2P platforms and hand-selected loans.2

Ensuring compliance through our fit-for-SIPP investment structure and service.

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Key features of the BondMason SIPP service


BondMason is working with leading SIPP administrators to enable you to access returns from P2P Lending and Direct Lending in your SIPP.

  • Returns: You can target gross returns of 8.0% p.a. – making a material difference to funding your retirement.
  • Diversified and asset-backed: Access opportunities sourced from multiple lending platforms and with a focus on asset-backed lending.
  • Fit-for-SIPP: Although P2P Lending is classified as a non-standard asset for SIPP investing, BondMason has developed an innovative investment structure to remove many of the other potential administrative issues, making us the go-to partner for leading SIPP administrators.
  • No additional fees: the BondMason SIPP Service doesn’t attract any additional fees, we only charge our standard rates on invested capital.


Getting started
We are very happy to talk to your SIPP administrator directly to discuss including BondMason-sourced investments into your pension. Or we can share details of SIPP administrators that we already work with.

Please contact us | 01582 802 000 to discuss how we can help you.

To set up a SIPP you need to determine if it is right for you. You may want to discuss this with your financial adviser first.


P2P lending is an increasingly in-demand asset-class, however SIPP administrators are rightly concerned with some of the practical difficulties of governing clients looking to invest in this sector.

The BondMason SIPP Service enables SIPP administrators to easily and compliantly allow their clients to access returns from P2P Lending:

  • SIPP administrator dashboard: your own dashboard to view client accounts and activities.
  • Dual authorisation: you can participate in the account opening process to ensure that your are comfortable with each individual client using P2P Lending.
  • Client on-boarding: we can include a HNW or Sophisticated investor test if you would like to include this for your clients.
  • Protected bank accounts: clients accounts can be locked down for your approval, to ensure funds are only directed in accordance with your instructions.
  • Non-standard asset: P2P lending is generally a non-standard asset for SIPP purposes. Our innovative investment structure and operating means that client behaviour is restricted to compliant activities only.
  • Strong alignment of interest: BondMason clients aren't able to have more than 3% of their funds in a single asset, and will have a minimum of 50+ positions when fully deployed.
  • No conflict: as the UK's only investor-only platform it is clear that we are working solely for the benefit of clients looking to get a return on their capital.
  • Fee free: there are no fees for SIPP administrators.


If you have a particular set of needs or require any specific features, please contact us | 01582 802 000 and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Benefits of the BondMason SIPP Service

Investor focused and well aligned

BondMason is exclusively for investors, not borrowers. We spends hours everyday sourcing and approving lending partners and loan investments for our clients.2 

Investment approach

Our team of investment experts scrutinise and assess every platform and operator in the peer-to-peer lending and direct lending market to identify lending opportunities from the best performers.

Managing risk

We enable you to manage your investment risk, with a focus on asset-backed lending. You can quickly and easily allocate your money across a broad selection of loans with our "Auto-bid" service, which helps to spread risk.1


Our clients target a gross return of 8%+ p.a; and have achieved an average gross return in excess of 8.0% p.a since April 2015 to date1.

Easy to set up and no tie-in

Open your BondMason SIPP account with a lump sum from £5,000+. You can typically exit in full within 48 hours3


Easy to use through your personalised online dashboard, which is updated daily so you can track your investments and monitor your money at any time.

Compliance focused

We work with your SIPP Administrator to minimise any admin burden and to enable full compliance.

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Any questions?

We are happy to discuss  any questions you may have relating to our SIPP service. Please contact us on 01582 802 000 or email