Satisfaction Guarantee

No quibbles. That's a promise.
If you're not 100% satisfied after 6 months,
we'll refund 100% of our fees to you.

We are so confident that you will have a positive experience, that if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied after your first 6 months with us, you can close your account* and we will refund 100% of our fees to you. The BondMason Satisfaction Guarantee.

We’ve got everything in place to ensure you have the opportunity to earn attractive returns from Direct Lending, with the peace of mind of having a great team behind your investments.


Our hands-on experienced Investment Team carefully filter lending opportunities from the best providers

Here for you

Our Client Services team are here to help and always happy to chat through any questions you may have.

Smooth operation

Supported by our Technical and Operation Teams who are committed to ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Why our Satisfaction Guarantee is important
BondMason CEO, Stephen Findlay explains.

“The Satisfaction Guarantee is a clear demonstration of our commitment to ensure we place our clients’ best interests at the centre of everything we do. Our clients trust us to act as a careful partner for their money, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.”

“The Guarantee provides additional peace of mind to clients and with our no tie-in policy, it gives potential investors the reassurance to put us to the test.”


Questions and Answers about the Satisfaction Guarantee
Q. What do I do if I’m unhappy with my experience with BondMason?

A. Please let us know and speak to one of our team and we’ll be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. But if you just decided that you’ve changed your mind – that’s ok too.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?

A: If you’re not satisfied for any reason at the end of 6 months with BondMason, then you’re free to close your account in the following 3 months (before the end of your 9th month with us) and we’ll return any BondMason fees you have incurred.

Q. Is there a time limit on when I can close my account and ask for my fees to be refunded?

A. As a BondMason Client, you can withdraw your funds at any time*, but to request a fee refund due to being dissatisfied with the BondMason service, you’ll just need to inform us 6 months after your initial transfer of funds to your BondMason account. You have 3 months to do this, so you’ll need to tell us before the end of month 9.

* Liquidity is not guaranteed: we aim to provide liquidity within 7-14 days. This is not a guarantee. Please see our full disclaimer and T&Cs at

Q. What if I deposit further funds during the initial 6 month period?

A. The Satisfaction Guarantee fee refund only applies to fees paid on your Initial Deposit amount.

Q. Can I reopen my account if I received a fee refund?

A. This is at the sole discretion of BondMason Group Ltd, but you should assume that if you have requested to close your account you will not be able reopen an account with BondMason.


The BondMason Code of Ethics

Our way of doing things
We put our clients' interests first

In the event of a potential conflict of interest, our clients' interests will take priority over our own.

A cautious approach to investing

Our analysis and insights are based on a balanced and objective view of market trends and investment opportunities, seeking to identify attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We adopt best practices

Our materials are peer-reviewed by independent investment professionals, and we undertake a diligent and robust approach seeking to corroborate data and analysis from trusted and verified third-party sources.

We have an open door policy

Requests can be emailed to invest@bondmason or you can call the team on 01582 802 000. We aim to respond within 24-48 hours.

We are client focused

We understand the importance in the investment management industry of being a trusted custodian of client wealth and we aim to ensure that client interests come first. 

Professional at all times, acting with integrity

We aim to be professional, fair and transparent. All complaints are shared with the CEO, and we aim to resolve all matters promptly.