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About the BondMason Foundation
Micro-lending: loans that change lives

The BondMason Foundation was set up in 2015 to fund micro-finance initiatives. Here at BondMason, we believe such initiatives are key to reducing and ultimately alleviating poverty by empowering individuals and communities to create their own sustainable economic growth.


Our commitment

BondMason commits a portion of its net revenue into micro financing initiatives. Empowering people and small communities in developing regions.

About micro lending
Longer-term, sustainable benefits

Traditional thinking dictates that commerce and enterprise exist for purely financial returns whereas welfare and aid exist to promote positive social change. However, in recent years, the role of enterprise in enabling developing communities to drive their own social and economic development is increasingly recognised. This has fuelled a huge growth in micro-financing initiatives that provide loans and finance to individuals who don’t have access to traditional banking systems. These loans provide individuals and communities with the opportunity to use entrepreneurial enterprise to change their lives.

We recognise that aid and welfare are critical in times of disaster or emergency, however they don’t provide a viable long term strategy to deal with poverty. In contrast, micro-financing initiatives offers longer-term, sustainable benefits to the communities they serve.

Our Commitment

BondMason commits a portion of its net revenue into micro financing initiatives. Empowering people and small communities in developing regions.

BondMason Foundation and Kiva
About Kiva
BondMason Foundation’s micro-financing partner

Kiva is the BondMason Foundation’s micro-financing partner. Kiva works alongside ‘Field Partners’ who have extensive social performance strengths which seek to enhance the value of the initial loan.

One example of this is ‘Entrepreneurial Support ’which offers training and support to help individuals start, manage and grow their own businesses. Others include innovation, facilitation of savings and anti-poverty focus. 

The benefit of micro-financing initiatives such as Kiva, is that you see exactly where loans are going to and the impact they have. There is also thorough vetting and governance of the field ambassadors who are responsible for working with the loan beneficiaries.

Whereas aid addresses short term needs such as food and medical care, micro-financing looks to target the longer-term issues that underpin and perpetuate poverty in a way that is relevant and targeted to the needs of each community.

Latest news
Micro-loan updates

Fantastic news - Kiva has now lent over $1.3 Billion to people across the world, enabling them to access opportunities. Clients can continue to support these life changing loans by referring friends to BondMason via Refer a Friend on their Dashboard. 

Our Refer a Friend scheme plays an important part in supporting the BondMason Foundation. It is primarily through Refer a Friend that we have been able to fund micro-finance initiatives with our micro-lending partner Kiva.

To date, we have been able to fund loans in a number of different countries. When these loans are re-paid, we re-invest the funds into new micro-loans.

Loans Loans Repaid Countries supported
43 27 26
Acceso El Salvador
Latest Loan
Acceso El Salvador

This month we have supported Acceso El Salvador who are raising funds for a crop processing centre. Acesso El Salvador is a social enterprise which enables rural farmers to sell their produce for a fair trade price. Lilian (pictured) is one of the many farmers who has benefited from their good work.

Part of their service is to assist with the logistical challenges of transporting and processing crops from these rural areas, they also provide training on sustainable agricultural practices, which in turn will generate long-term jobs for the local community.

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