Investing in Direct lending and P2P lending

Sunday morning investing just got easier

Sunday morning is often a time when we think about our “to do” list and where to deposit funds to watch them grow.  Those of us who are dabblers in investing, classically the call of the banks with their guaranteed rates of return and security have been the draw for lots of Sunday morning investment. Those with a higher appetite for risk look toward the markets and with it the higher risk to build a share portfolio.  But have you thought what Peer to Peer (P2P) lending could do for you?

P2P lending platforms allow for depositors to become lenders directly to businesses and individuals and earn interest income on their funds It has opened up a whole new world to make money work for you...but with it comes risk and the very many options requiring research time.

You can go straight to the P2P platforms and start lending there. This involves typically some legwork around finding the right platform for you – here you will face a myriad of options and decisions: large, small, fixed rates, minimum rate of return, floor limits, matchmaking or loan allocation, property, consumer …this is before you have checked out the credentials of these platforms for risk and experience. Suddenly it may feel that this Sunday morning dabbling has turned into a PHD research project and one huge headache! As once you have researched all your platforms then there are more questions about what loans to invest in on these platforms, and of course you have to move fast to achieve that ”researched” loan as these get allocated as quickly as those concert tickets when the telephone lines go live! Your Sunday morning has suddenly spiralled out of control and you may opt back for secured low return of the good old-fashioned bank account.

But don’t worry - there is now a Sunday-centric option!

As this P2P lending market grows, new alternatives are coming onto the market. One of the best ways to access the P2P lending market as a Sunday Morning investor is via BondMason – which reviews the myriad of P2P Lending platforms for you, and enables you to deploy your funds with ease - so you don’t have to do the leg work and can use the BondMason team with their over 50 years of combined investment experience.

So, the only thing you need to decide on Sunday Morning now is how much to deploy (any amount from £5,000) and which coffee to go for…Latte or Americano…

*Warning: nothing in this article should be construed as advice.  Your capital is at risk

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