Dream Kitchen

Savers cook up interest to help get dream kitchen

While some people keep all their savings together, many prefer to set-aside specific dedicated funds for important projects, whether saving for a mortgage deposit, a wedding or maybe something for their grandchildren.

Matt Norman and his wife took the latter approach, opening a BondMason account to give a financial boost to the money they were saving towards a beautiful kitchen for their Hertfordshire home.

Matt says: ““We reviewed various options and the BondMason account offered an easy way to get a very good rate of return while we built up our funds for the kitchen.

“As we live just up the road from its office, we know a few people who work at BondMason so naturally looked at this option when we started saving for our dream kitchen a couple of years ago.  After looking into BondMason in more detail, we felt we could trust them to do a good job.

“It proved to be a really useful vehicle for earning a bit more money while we saved to get the kitchen we always wanted.

“It was our first experience of investing money into a non-standard asset class.  Having opened the account in 2016, we liked their transparent approach as it's easy to understand the way they go about investing your funds.  Every couple of months we would check on progress, using the online dashboard to review the returns, but generally we were happy to simply let the interest build up until the time was right for building work to start.

“It was easy to get our funds when we needed them, and in the meantime the interest earned had been really good: around 8% per year at a time when the alternative, bank savings accounts, were paying almost nothing.”

Warning: Nothing in this article should be construed as advice. Your capital is at risk.

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