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BondMason and local businesses

Most of the team at BondMason live locally, and we feel it’s really important to get involved with the local community and contribute to it any way we can.  From supporting local businesses, helping out with the nearby school football team or sponsoring local events, we like to do our bit.

From when we first started in 2015, we’ve preferred to work with local companies.  There’s so much talent close to home, there’s no reason to go too far afield to find the resource and support we need. We also like to do business the old-fashioned way and meet people face to face.  Which says a lot about us as bunch.  We’re in the FinTech business, so people assume we’re all techies and prefer doing things the digital way. But people are at the core of our business and always will be.  So we like to work with businesses who are on our wave length, which you only really get with meeting in person.

"Keeping It Local has always been at the heart of our ethos at My Mustard - over 80% of our clients (and 95% of our suppliers) are based within 20 miles of our office in Old Town Hemel Hempstead. We very much believe in harnessing the power of community excellence to create a stronger economy; BondMason are a great example of that excellence and we love being one of their local partners."  June Cory, My Mustard

Some of the great businesses we work with include the gifted team at Tutch, based in Stevenage, who helped us with the design of the new website. Local agencies also support us with our digital marketing activity, including MyMustard and Distinctly.

"We love to work with other local businesses where we can as we believe in supporting and developing one another. We've enjoyed working with BondMason since the start of the year, and we look forward to continuing to improve their online visibility and driving converting traffic." Jack Goldsmith, Distinctly

Our talented graphic designer, Nicola Kevin of White who developed the BondMason brand identity and who designs our marketing material is just up the road in Flamstead. Liam and the team at The Print Shop in St Albans take care of all of our printed materials.  Even the professional photos of the team on our website have been captured by two local photography businesses; Jeanette Lendon Photography and St Albans Photography.

"It’s so refreshing to work with companies such as BondMason who are passionate about keeping things local, from sourcing suppliers to work with, venues to work at, as well as employees to work within the company.   It was a real pleasure to be able to work with the team" Jeanette Lendon, Jeanette Lendon Photography

As the BondMason team has expanded, and our office space is close to reaching capacity, it has been fantastic to use some of the facilities on our door step, including meeting spaces at The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden Collective and Rothamsted. We’re currently looking for larger premises in Harpenden, and once we have moved to somewhere with more space, we will be holding information seminars and networking events to meet local residents and businesses in Hertfordshire.

"As a Hertfordshire based photographer, working with local businesses is at the core of the company's values. I feel that "Keeping it local" allows a more personal level of service and often helps to exceed expectations and provide long lasting business relationships. Working with BondMason recently at the Harpenden Arms has demonstrated this keeping it local approach perfectly."  Kristina Muldoon, St Albans Photography

We’re also keen to support local organisations and the community. Last year we provided Roundwood Primary School with a new kit for their school football teams.

Most recently, we’ve been chosen as the platinum sponsor of Harpenden Musical Theatre Company’s production of Oliver, which has shows taking place in Harpenden between 9th-13th October this year. Our Chief Technical Officer, James Russell, is a member of HMTC and has inspired our sponsorship of what we are certain will be an amazing show.

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We currently support charity work overseas through our partner Kiva, and nationally with Cancer Research UK. In addition to these great causes, we would like to contribute to a local charity and hope to have the opportunity for the whole team to participate in volunteer days later this year. Please do let us know of any charity nominations which you feel BondMason should consider via the contact details below.

https://www.bondmason.com | 01582 802000 | Rachel.Billington@bondmason.com

Here’s to keeping it local.

Here are some of the local businesses we work with:

Digital Marketing Agency | My Mustard | https://www.mymustard.co.uk/

Digital Marketing Agency | Distinctly | https://distinctly.co/

Graphic Design Agency |White | http://createdbywhite.com/

Meeting Space | Harpenden Collective | https://www.theharpendencollective.co.uk/

Meeting Space | The Harpenden Arms | http://www.harpenden-arms.co.uk/ 

Meeting Space | RoCRE Rothamsted | http://www.rocre-rothamsted.com/conferencing

Photography | Jeanette Lendon Photography | http://jeanettelendonphotography.co.uk/

Photography | St Albans Photography | http://www.stalbans-photography.co.uk/

Printed Items | The Print Shop | https://printshopstalbans.co.uk/

Sponsorship | Harpenden Musical Theatre Company | https://www.harpendenmusicaltheatre.com/

Website Design | Tutch | https://www.tutch.co.uk/

"At The Harpenden Arms we pride ourselves on quality beers, brewed from the oldest brewery in London. Enjoy regular guest beers and wines and delicious food, made using fresh ingredients sourced from quality family suppliers, cooked fresh to order from our team of talented Chefs."  Rob, The Harpenden Arms

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