BondMason Foundation micro-loans

Through the BondMason Foundation – which is funded from the activities of BondMason – we’ve been able to fund micro-finance initiatives to empowering individuals and communities to create their own sustainable economic growth to build businesses, bring local employment and support education. This has only been possible due to our Clients – you!

Micro-financing initiatives help people who are unable to access traditional banking systems. Targeting long-term issues and empowering those who live on just a few pounds a day, micro-loans help create a virtuous circle effect, whereby the initial loan feeds on itself and stimulates further economic development.

BondMason commits a portion of our revenue to micro-lending1

When we first set up the BondMason Foundation and got involved in micro-lending with KIVA, we saw the tangible, long-term benefits micro-financing can bring to communities around economic growth and sustainability.

Our clients have also added real support to the BondMason Foundation through participating in our Refer a Friend scheme. From agriculture to manufacturing; education to drainage; Africa to South America - small inputs culminate in powerful impacts. Our good news stories are evolving, and we are currently supporting 14 life-changing loans with many more planned in 2017.

Meet the real people empowered through Kiva’s micro-loans

For the BondMason Foundation it is the personal stories that make compelling reading. It is encouraging to see how micro-lending can make such a positive difference to individuals and communities – empowering people to help themselves. For example, Gertrude’s clothes business in Ghana is benefiting from re-investment and Gertrude has already repaid 93% of her loan. 

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Bondmason Foundation micro loans


Some of the other communities and individuals that have been empower by finance provided by the BondMason Foundation include:

  • Florence in Sierra Leone: to secure her children’s educations from the financing of her food sales business.
  • Saima in Pakistan: to buy furniture for her school.
  • The Wonsom Community Group in Accra, Ghana:  to purchase cement for essential building works
  • Jennifer in Kenya: purchasing of seeds and solar lanterns to transform farming
  • Benson in Kenya: to help with purchasing a much-needed cow, which now makes education for his children affordable.
  • Jose in Peru: to acquire and install pipework between coffee bean fields and processing plants, increasing the profitability and sustainability of his harvest.
  • Suritex in Peru: solar panels, water and wiring systems for alpaca fibre production plant is projected to double sales and expand production and with it local employment in rural Peru.

There are many more individual and community tales of opportunities and investment supported by KIVA. However, for us at BondMason the most significant outcome has been the sustainability of these stories. In our year’s involvement with KIVA we have already had loans repaid showing the commitment the people of the developing world have to supporting themselves. By fostering power to the individual, they can gain control over their own lives.

We all give to charities for aid and crisis appeals; however, by putting the finance tools into the hands of the real people and business in the developing world we are all making small but very real changes in lives. That makes us at BondMason feel good – we hope you, our clients do too!

You can help us do even more by referring your friends and colleagues to BondMason today. Simply login to you account and click the 'Refer a Friend' icon on your dashboard.

All funds supporting KIVA are from Refer a Friend Scheme click her for more details. BondMason commits a portion of our revenue to support micro-lending initiatives1.  

*Warning: nothing in this article should be construed as advice.  Your capital is at risk

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​1Please note: this initiative does not impact Client investments or returns.

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