Target returns of 7%+ p.a

With the UK's number one direct lending platform exclusively for investors

We source and filter the best lending opportunities from across the entire UK direct lending and P2P market, targeting returns of 7%+

  • Our experienced investment team pre-selects loans using a rigorous selection criteria from our approved direct lending network.
  • With a focus on asset-backed lending and diversification we help you to minimise risk and achieve maximum performance.
  • The customised dashboard provides daily insight into performance, making it simple for you to build and manage your direct lending portfolio, all from a single online platform.


What makes BondMason stand out from the crowd?

  • SOURCING: We identify, meet and review the best loan originators
  • OPTIMISE RETURNS: Clients can target a return of 7%+ p.a to suit their risk profile
  • ALLOCATION: Set allocation parameters to meet your investment objectives
  • DISTRIBUTION: Manage risk and minimize volatility with greater diversification
  • MANAGEMENT: View performance across your portfolio from the daily dashboard
  • LIQUIDITY: We help clients exit their positions quickly, enabling capital to remain flexible

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