Target returns of 8%+ p.a1

Join 500+ others using the UK's number one direct lending platform exclusively for investors

Invest from £5,000+ • No tie-in3 • 1.0% - 1.5% fee p.a.


We source and filter lending opportunities from across the UK direct lending and P2P market, enabling clients to target returns of 8%+1

  • Our experienced investment team meets and conducts due diligence on loan providers - with a focus on asset-backed lending.
  • Clients can diversify easily across 50-100+ positions2, enabling you to lower risk and achieve attractive performance.
  • The customised dashboard provides daily insight into performance, making it simple for you to build and manage your portfolio, all from a single online platform.


What makes BondMason stand out from the crowd?

  • SOURCING: We identify, meet and review the best loan originators
  • OPTIMISE RETURNS: Clients can target a return of 8%+ p.a to suit their risk profile
  • ALLOCATION: Set allocation parameters to meet your investment objectives
  • DISTRIBUTION: Manage risk and minimize volatility with greater diversification
  • MANAGEMENT: View performance across your portfolio from the daily dashboard
  • LIQUIDITY: We help clients exit their positions quickly, enabling capital to remain flexible

Your investment performance at a glance

Your dashboard is updated daily giving you at a glance visibility of your BondMason portfolio

  • Your Balance
  • Your Current Return Rate
  • Your Portfolio of Investments
BondMason Dashboard
Your Balance
BondMason return rate
BondMason portfolio

Plus, view a detailed breakdown of your:

Cash Deployed and Transactions

BondMason deployed and transaction history

Latest Investments

BondMason latest investments

Balance and Returns Statement

BondMason statement

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