Effortlessly target up to 8.0% p.a.1

Invest from £5,000+ • No tie-in3 • 1.0%-1.5% fee p.a.

Invest in loans2 and receivables from approved lending partners and easily diversify your capital

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1. Your returns: BondMason clients have achieved an average gross return in excess of 8.0% p.a. from April 2015 to April 2017 (before fees). Your capital is at risk and BondMason is not covered by the FSCS or regulated by the FCA. Please see our statistics page for investment performance details. 2. You are not lending: BondMason Ltd enables each client (buyer) to purchase specific Receivables based on cash actually received by the seller relating to peer-to-peer loans (P2P loans), asset-backed loans and receivables purchase agreements made by the seller on other finance platforms. The resulting "Receivable Purchase Agreement" can also be sold (and purchased) on BondMason 3. Liquidity is not guaranteed: we aim to provide liquidity within 1-2 days. This is not a guarantee. Please see below for full disclaimer and T&Cs

Trust Pilot

Target Consistent Investment Returns

Since 2015 clients have achieved consistent investment returns from curated lending opportunities,
investing over £15M across 3,500 underlying loans1.


Approved partners

We’ve reviewed over 100 direct lending partners and have approved 26 who passed our due diligence.

Curated opportunities

Loan investments relate to Property Bridge Lending, Corporate Loans, Invoice Discounting and some P2P Lending.

Diversified portfolio

Using our autobid tool, clients can easily diversify across at least 50 loan investments to help spread risk.

1 BondMason clients have achieved an average gross return in excess of 8.0% p.a. from April 2015 to April 2017 (before fees). Past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future performance. * 2015 was a part years.

Direct Lending Market Report

The BondMason team shares insights from its unparalleled coverage of the direct lending market in the latest report ‘Direct Lending in the UK’.

Recognised by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment and endorsed with CPD accreditation, the market report explores the evolution of direct lending, providing a market-wide view with insights into how to invest successfully into this mainstream pension-grade asset class.

BondMason a guide to P2P lending

BondMason SIPP Service

The BondMason Self-Invested Pension Plan Service is tailor-made for SIPP investors and SIPP Administrators, to enable you to access returns from P2P Lending to boost your pension plan.


Target a gross return of 8%+p.a and make a real difference to funding your retirement.


Allocate your capital across multiple loan opportunities, sourced from approved performers.

Compliance focused

Ensuring compliance through our fit-for-SIPP investment structure and tailored service.

Find out how BondMason sourced investments can make a difference to your pension.

Contact us at invest@bondmason.com or call the team on 01582 802 000

FREE Peer-to-Peer Lending Guide

Your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about getting started with P2P Lending.

  • What is Peer-to-Peer lending?
  • How does the P2P lending process work?
  • What can I do to minimise my risk and maximise my return?
BondMason a guide to P2P lending

Micro-lending that changes lives


Did you know: we commit some our revenue* to support micro-lending initiatives?


Micro-lending empowers people and small companies in developing regions.


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*Please note: this initiative does not impact Client investments or returns.


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