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View trends in the UK buy-to-let market; or target returns from property-backed loan investments.
BondMason BRIX
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  • Monitor professionals

The UK's first performance tracker of listed landlords.

This is an information-only service. Not for commercial use.


BondMason Core
  • Target net returns of 6% p.a.¹
  • 3-year track record

Capital at risk. Fees 1.0%-1.5% p.a.

See our terms and conditions. BondMason Core is not regulated by the FCA or covered by the FSCS.


BondMason Overview

BondMason was formed in 2014 to enable investors to achieve returns from the UK property market. Since then our clients have invested in property developments worth over £100M. BondMason continues to provide insights, analysis and access to investment opportunities relating to UK residential and commercial property.

BondMason BRIX: the benchmark for UK buy-to-let investing

BondMason has created a new service to monitor Britain’s private landlords and investors, and track the investment performance of residential property.

The BondMason BRIX benchmark will be updated monthly, recording the financial performance of listed corporate landlords in the UK, enabling private landlords to assess their own buy-to-let portfolios. 

Latest information is available here: 

BondMason's CEO, Stephen Findlay, explains:

“Historically the UK rental market has been dominated by private landlords, but that is now changing following the increased tax burden and new regulations which make it harder to generate a positive income each year.  “

“The good news is that individuals can now access investment returns from the buy-to-let market by investing in listed corporate landlords, with the added benefit of being able to do so within a tax efficient wrapper such as an ISA or SIPP.” 

The BondMason BRIX benchmark tracks the performance of these listed corporate landlords. It is not an investable benchmark.

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The BondMason Team

Our people are what sets BondMason apart. From the Investment Team who review market trends and analyse the key operators in the UK residential and commercial property market to our Business Development Team who liaise with wealth managers and IFAs to ensure their clients have the best possible outcomes from this asset class. 

Clients come first
BondMason prioritises positive client outcomes

Our high rate of referrals reflects the importance we place on providing a service that all clients are happy to share with their advisers, friends and colleagues.

We're always at the end of the phone (01582 802 000) or email ( to answer any queries.

Please note that we are unable to give investment advice. Please contact your local adviser or search for an IFA to seek assistance with your investment activities:   

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We are proud to be considered thought leaders in the industry, providing valuable insight and commentary.

We make sure we keep up to date on news, views and changes in the market and share our findings and insights. 

Our guide library contains a selection of downloadable guides, helping you to make informed decisions about investing.

The BondMason market report  which is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment and endorsed with CPD accreditation.  

We work with journalists and the media to provide market commentary for both the investors and financial advisers.  Read our latest press articles.

Defaqto 5-star rated investment
Defaqto Star Ratings provide consumers with an expert benchmark so they can compare products in this evolving market

BondMason has been recognised as providing one of the highest quality offerings on the market, achieving the maximum Defaqto rating of 5 stars.  Stephen Findlay was delighted;

The team at BondMason brings a diligent and experienced approach to UK property investing, for the benefit of our clients. We are pleased to see these recognised by Defaqto, awarding BondMason its highest 5-star rating.”

Defaqto 5 star