The smart way to invest in property-backed lending

BondMason's Property Lending Service enables you to target returns from loans secured against UK property.
  • Diversified portfolio of loan investments
  • Target net returns of 6% p.a.¹
  • 3-year track record

Start from £5,000. Capital at risk. Fees 1.0%-1.5% p.a.

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Property Lending Service

All of our loans are secured - with the significant majority secured against UK residential and commercial property.

Refurbishment finance. No planning risk

Projects fall within the scope of permitted development, or have planning permission.

We prefer loans used to fund small-scale property refurbishment, or developments such as converting a house into a few flats.

Conservative loan-to-value

The average loan-to-value of our property loans is 56%.

Valuations are independent, typically conducted by professional surveyors adhering to red-book processes.

Manually reviewed

The BondMason Investment team reviews every loan, with only 1-in-4 loans being approved by us.

We conduct additional due diligence and verify valuations with our own research and marketability assessments.

3-year Track Record

Since 2015, our clients have achieved net returns of 6% p.a1, investing over £40M across 6,000 curated loan investments, through an innovative receivables investment model.

The go-to experts

We established BondMason in 2015 to enable investors to access attractive returns from Direct Lending and P2P Lending. Since then we've reviewed 150 Direct Lending providers and P2P platforms - conducting rigorous due diligence to select our 33 approved lending partners.

Exclusive opportunities​

Our clients are able to access returns from exclusive relationships we've developed with specialist property lending partners. This enables investors to gain exposure to better quality, well priced opportunities, which may not otherwise be available to investors direct.

Managing risk

Achieving attractive returns from lending is about minimising the downside risks. We filter underlying loan opportunities and make it easy for clients to build a well-diversified portfolio to improve the quality of returns they can achieve from Direct Lending.

Early access to funds

We know your circumstances may change.  With BondMason Core it is good to know that you are typically able to liquidate your investment and withdraw funds in 1-2 days.

The average remaining term of the underlying property loans is 9 months, so if everyone wanted their funds back on the same day, that's how long it may take to receive your funds. On all normal circumstances you can access your money much faster.

Fees range from 1.0% p.a - 1.5% p.a based on your invested capital.

Property lending is the new investing

With interest rates at an all-time low and reasonable investment returns proving elusive, investing in loans secured against property offers a viable alternative, with the potential to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns with lower volatility.

What is Direct Lending?

Direct Lending connects borrowers and lenders. Investors (lenders) use Direct Lending and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platforms to invest in lending opportunities, enabling individuals and companies (borrowers) to raise finance.

Property lending

Smaller scale projects, including building affordable housing, are typically funded by specialist bridge finance lenders, who respond quickly to opportunities.

Supporting UK business

Enabling companies to obtain funding in a flexible and cost effective way. Finance can be structured as a Corporate loan, Asset-backed Loan, or as Invoice Discounting.

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Put a spring in your step and money in your pocket

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Over 40% of our clients come to us following a recommendation from a happy client. As a thank you, we offer a Referral Bonus, so that when you tell a friend about us and they invest in a BondMason product, you both get a reward

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Why Choose BondMason

Invest some of your SIPP or SSAS funds into BondMason

Investing some of your pension into BondMason sourced investments could enable you to target a net return of 6% p.a from a diverse set of approved direct lending opportunities.  Investing through a SIPP or SSAS could allow you to receive your returns tax free. 

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The BondMason Market Report

Recognised by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment and endorsed with CPD accreditation, the market report explores the evolution of direct lending, providing a market-wide view with insights into how to invest successfully into this mainstream pension-grade asset class.

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